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    Hallo children of the wild. Yes I’ll be doing commissions (if you’re up for it)



- Semi-realistic/cartoon
- I suggest you go through my gallery to get a better understanding of my style.

    Subject matter:

- I specialize mainly in human/character drawings (as you would know if you watch me).
- I am mainly open for OC drawings and fanart. But if you want me to draw you something else, you can, but remember to be VERY specific (because for OCs/fanart I can at least search for references).
- Be specific (for anything). Details include: wardrobe, poses, scenery, etc. can easily be messed up and might not turn out like how you wanted it to. If you don’t give me details, I’m just going to have to improvise and make my own judgements. Heads up, because I don’t want you coming back ‘round with a handful of complaint regarding the specifics.

    NOTE: i do not take porn or anything grotesque. PG-13 ladies and gents

    Payment method:

-Through Paypal (note me and I’ll send you my email address).
    -If you have another convenient method, please don’t hesitate to suggest.
- How this is gonna work:
    - You will pay half of the price upfront
    - Then I will show you a sketch for approval.
    - You pay the rest. 
    - Once I finished it, I will send the final copy to you via note (or email) in jpeg form.
If you prefer, I can give you updates by photos (to a certain extent), but it will remain unfinished until you do pay. 

    *Once it is done and you have paid, I will send you your commissioned art in jpeg form in a note on DA or by email (if you want). 


Contour (pen):

    head-waist                     full body

        $3                                     $4

 annabeth by Win-E    That's her by Win-E(for your commission I'll draw from head to feet)

Shaded: $1 more (pencil)             Coloured: $2 more

            $1.5 more (pen)                     

       blACK WIDOW by Win-E              Different by Win-E

    *to add an extra person is 50% of original price (without background or anything)      

       cee and robbie by Win-E

*for a simple background or some sort of design is $0.5 extra

Background:                              design:
For Penguinsensei by Win-E           Night Circus by Win-E

I'll take 5 commissions at a time (if i ever get to that amount)

Send me a note if you're interested!

cheers! ( )


Hey guys! I'm Win-e.
No it is not pronounced like 'wine' but like 'winnie'.
i'll let you laugh at this terrible joke.

In my spare time, I like to devour art and let movies and shows consume my body and soul. My best friend is my couch. And I am a lover of staring at notebooks and drinking from mugs.

(I hope my gallery gives you at least the smallest amount of pleasure)
FAVE + WATCH are food to my humble soul :)

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Win-E you're really fantastic and I can't take you anymore. 
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